Men’s health

Many men feel uncomfortable or embarrassed coming to a doctor about sexual or physical health problems.  


Heart Health

Heart attack can happen at any age to anyone. The death of Shane Warne highlighted this for many people.
If you have any chest pain you need to go straight to hospital. Please call an ambulance. Do not drive. This may save your life or that of a friend or family member.

Your GP has an important role in working with you to reduce the risk factors that can lead to a heart attack. High blood pressure, diabetes, smoking and being overweight are the main causes. By seeing your GP they can arrange some blood tests to help work out your risk and prescribe appropriate medications and lifestyle changes. We want to work together with you to stop heart attacks as well as related conditions such as strokes and kidney disease.



Many men with tiredness are worried that it is because of a low testosterone level as they age. It is uncommon for this to be the case. Fatigue can have many causes that can be medical, lifestyle, medication or a combination of all! Low mood or depression can also cause people to feel tired.

If you are feeling more tired than normal, please book a long appointment with your doctor. Through finding out more information about your tiredness and any other symptoms they can work out a treatment plan.

Obstructive sleep apnoea is a common cause of fatigue, particularly if you are male, overweight or have other conditions like high blood pressure. Untreated sleep apnoea can increase your risk of a stroke, heart attack or car accident.
It is also important to try and ensure you are getting enough sleep, eating healthy food and doing regular exercise. When feeling tired it is hard to want to exercise, but even a gentle walk can improve your energy.



The traditional stereotype for many men has been that they need to be tough and not show emotion. At Pear Tree Family Practice we know that this is a sterotype and that mean have the same emotions and feeling as women, but rather that society makes it harder at times for them to convey.

If you feel that you have low mood, anxiety or relationship problems; please know that you are welcome to discuss these with your GP.

If you are having suicidal thoughts please contact the Acute Crisis Intervention Service on 13 14 65 or if the clinic is open please advise reception that you need an urgent appointment that day.


Erectile dysfunction

Difficulties with erections (erectile dysfunction) can happen to some people from puberty.  If it is new, it may be an early warning sign of heart disease.  There are a range of treatment options that your doctor can discuss with you.  It is important that we treat and manage any underlying health problems causing erectile difficulties. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Did you know that if you are getting up to go to the toilet two or more times at night there are treatment options that help?

It can also be a sign of heart and kidney problems, so it is important to get it checked.  If you have slow urine flow, dribbling when you wee or need to empty twice, your doctor can discuss ways to help.

Prostate cancer is often in the media and many men have previously been hesitant to see their GP, worried they will need an internal examination as a part of their check.  Certainly, as a part of early detection testing, internal examination is no longer recommended as routine.  This can be appropriate after discussion with your GP.  There is a blood test available that can assist with early detection of prostate cancer, but there are a variety of benefits and harms with it.  We would encourage you to discuss with your GP if this is appropriate for you.  Most men would have the PSA blood test every 2 years from the age of 50.  If you have a family history of prostate cancer, please discuss this with your GP so they can determine the right age for you to begin having testing.

Sadly, there is no accurate blood test for prostate cancer. If we look at screening (which means testing everybody of a certain age) there is no evidence to support prostate blood tests as the men who would benefit are less then the men who would be harmed by the investigations.

The answer at an individual level is different and we encourage you to discuss this with your GP. If you get a high reading on your prostate test it doesn’t mean that you have prostate cancer. This may be caused by recent sexual activity, cycling or infection. Further tests are needed to work this out. Some of these tests have small risks attached to them.

A blood test as a marker for prostate cancer is appropriate provided you understand the risks of further investigations.

If you snoring is caused by blocked sinuses or congestion, then regular use of a nasal wash and steroid afterwards can be helpful. Reducing alcohol also helps as does weight loss. Some people who are snoring will also have obstructive sleep apnoea which can cause snoring as well as gasping episodes. Treatment options include weight loss, mouth splints and a CPAP machines.