Vaccinations help prime your immune system to respond to infectious disease and reduce serious complications.  Doctors and nurses at Pear Tree are up to date with the latest vaccine recommendations.  

Check in prior to travelling overseas to ensure you are best protected.   Don’t ruin your holiday with a vaccine preventable disease.

If you have health problems or are aged over 65 years, you may be at higher risk of complications from infectious disease.  Check in with your GP to ensure you are up to date and protected against COVID, flu, pneumococcal, shingles and tetanus.

Protect your children against serious infectious diseases.   Children in Australia are offered vaccination for many serious vaccine preventable diseases.  Although it can be tough to take young children for needles, they help protect against serious diseases.  Book with our nursing team to ensure your children’s vaccinations are up to date and are best protected.

We have a specialised site at our clinic Little Pears located at 11 Brighton Road Glenelg SA 5045

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes if you are aged over 60. There is evidence that having a shingles vaccination reduces your chance of getting shingles and associated complications such as nerve pain. These vaccinations are funded for people at the age of 70. You can pay for it privately if you are aged 60-69. Some private health funds will provide a refund for this vaccination.

etanus and whooping cough immunity lasts 5-10 years. If you have a tetanus prone injury and it is more then 5 years since your last vaccination, you will need a booster. If you work with young children/infants or want to reduce your chance of whooping cough you should have a booster every 10 years.

If your child is having Bexero at 6 weeks, 4 months or 12 months they should have paracetamol 30 minutes before. This reduces their chance of getting a very high fever from the immune response stimulated by the vaccination.
For other routine vaccinations paracetamol does not need to be given before the vaccination. Babies and children can have paracetamol if they have fever after the vaccination.