How can I protect my child from COVID-19

Help you child to get used to wearing a face mask

  • Encourage your child to practise wearing a face mask for short periods at home first and then build up to longer
  • Let your child decorate their masks. They could put stickers on them, draw their favourite character or what they feel like on the day
  • Be a role model yourself- show them how you wear a facemask correctly and safely yourself. Its important to be positive and enthusiastic when you talk with your child about wearing face masks as it helps to protect them, their friends and their family.

Encourage and practice good hand hygiene

As with wearing facemasks, also be a role model and show how you do it correctly and be positive and enthusiastic about it. Children are more likely to have good hand hygiene if they see you leading by example.

  • Teach your child when to use soap or hand sanitiser
    1. If your hands look or feel dirty, you need to use soap and water
    2. You can use sanitiser at other times, or if you cant get to soap or water
      1. Squirt a blob into a palm
      2. Rub your hands – front and back and between fingers until your hands are dry!
    3. Teach these 4 easy steps to clean hands to your child:
      1. Get wet and soapy. Get your hands wet in clean water. Put soap on your hands and make suds.
      2. Rub your soapy hands together long enough to sing Happy Birthday in your head twice. Clean your palms, the back of your hands, and between your fingers. Don’t forget to clean under your nails, where dirt and germs can be trapped.
      3. Hold your hands under clean, running water. Rub them to rinse them fully.
      4. Shake and dry. Shake your hands a few times, then dry them with a clean towel or hand

Get them vaccinated

Vaccination for children aged over 5 years of age is recommended to prevent children from getting severe complication of COVID-19 and reduces their chance of getting long-term symptoms. If you aren’t sure if vaccination is right for you, make an appointment with your GP to discuss this further.

You can book online at Pear Tree or at a Government vaccination hub

If your child is anxious or has a phobia of needles, the Fullarton (Highgate Park) COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic is a dedicated SA Government Hub for people with needle phobia and those who don’t like large crowds.

The staff at the Fullarton COVID-19 vaccination clinic specialise in vaccinating people with a needle phobia and those who don’t like large crowds.

If they are feeling anxious, please let the friendly staff at vaccination clinics know when you arrive.

Some of these tips can also help

  • Eat something sweet beforehand.
  • Avoid looking at the injection site.
  • Practice deep breathing techniques.
  • Try distracting yourself.
  • Take a buddy with you.
  • Let your vaccination professional know.

If your child 5 to 11 years of age has had a recent COVID-19 infection and are eligible for a dose of their primary course of COVID-19 vaccination, it is recommended that you should consider delaying their COVID vaccination by up to three months after infection.

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