Medication update

5 years ago the recommendation was made to allow patients to collect 60 days worth of tablets, at the same PBS price. This happens in many other countries and will now be introduced in Australia.

This will be restricted to 325 medicines for chronic conditions and introduced in two parts.

This change will be cheaper for the government and cheaper and more convenient for you as a patient. Medication shortages are not expected from this change.

If you do not have a pension card, you could talk with your GP now. Many medications are cheaper than the PBS subsidy for non pension card holders. If your medication dose is stable talk to your doctor about collecting two or three months supply at a time on private script. This can be cheaper overall as you do not pay a dispensing fee each time you collect a script.

You Deserve More

Pharmacy diagnosis have been proposed as a solution to the GP shortage. Pear Tree Family Practice and Little Pears believe this is a threat to patient safety and undermines the health system. We support the Australian Medical Association and believe that patients deserve more.

You deserve more.

While diagnosis can appear easy, your GP has undergone 10-12 years or more of training to make it look easy. Excluding dangerous causes for symptoms is something your GP does at each appointment, although this may not be apparent. A short course is not the same as 12 years of training. You wouldn’t want the person flying a plane to have done a short course.

Instead of improving access to your doctor, this will threaten your safety, fragment your care, and undermine Australia’s world-class health system. These services are not backed by evidence and bypass the national checks and balances intended to protect you. The person prescribing you medication is also the person you are paying for the medicine, there is a vested interest to “sell” something.

If convenience is the desire removing Pharmacy guild controls that prevent dispensing at a General practice would achieve the same. If you have a chronic condition or frequent recurrence of symptoms please discuss management options with your doctor; including for after hours.

Pear Tree Family Practice and Little Pears believe that pharmacists have an important role in education about medication safety, administration, and interactions. The best outcome for patients is when general practitioners focus on diagnosis and management and pharmacists focus on medication safety and dispensing.

Home Medication Review

If you have 5 or more medications, are recently discharged from hospital, take opioids, or have other medications that are complex to manage a home medication review can be arranged. Medicare funds a clinical pharmacist to visit your house, review your medications, ensure you know how to take and store them correctly as well as look for interactions or side effects.

Home Medication reviews are a way in which General Practitioners and Pharmacists work together to ensure your safety and optimise your health.

If you would like to arrange one please discuss with your GP.