Our Fees

At Pear Tree Family Practice we believe quality of care is important.  To address complex or multiple matters you may require a longer appointment.  It is important to the doctors at Pear Tree Family Practice that you have the time to discuss your concerns and health care.  A gap fee facilitates this.

As private General Practice specialists the doctors policy is that they do not routinely ‘bulk-bill’ and payment in full is required on the day of service. Payments can be made by EFTPOS or Credit Card (VISA/MasterCard), and your Medicare rebate will be transferred to your nominated bank account within 48 hours of your appointment.

Pear Tree Family Practice wish to advise you that we will be increasing fees for patients from 1/7/2022.

Medicare has advised that your Medicare rebate will increase from today, meaning you will get a slightly higher rebate back.

We are no longer able to bulk-bill GP management care plan reviews. From 1/7/22, a Medicare rebateable payment will apply for these review appointments. New careplans, or annual reviews with the nurse will continue to be bulk-billed.

All DVA Gold card holders and children in foster care will continue to be bulk-billed.

Telehealth (phone/video) appointments

All TeleHealth appointments incur our usual practice fees with the Medicare Rebate coming back to your Medicare nominated bank account (usually within 2-48 hours). When booking a Telehealth appointment online you will be asked to provide your card details for payment, and for bookings via phone our friendly receptionists will take your details so we can take payment automatically after your appointment. All card details entered into our system are encrypted, and are automatically deleted once payment has been taken.

As with previous Telehealth appointments, in order to be eligible for the Medicare Rebate you MUST have seen a GP face-to-face in the clinic in the last 12 months, with the exception of children under 12 months of age. If you do not meet this criteria then you will incur a full fee, and no Medicare Rebate will apply.

Consultation Fees

Each consultation will be charged a flat fee, including TeleHealth, results, childhood vaccinations and GP care plan reviews.

  • DVA gold card holders will be bulk-billed for all appointments
  • Children in foster care will be bulk-billed for all appointments

As of 01/04/2022 patients will pay the small surcharge associated with EFTPOS, Debit and Credit transactions, through payments made online and at reception. This fee will not appear on your invoice, but will be deducted automatically along with invoice amount once payment is made. Please note that this surcharge will vary slightly, depending on the type of card used.

If you are experiencing financial difficulty we encourage you to discuss your situation with your doctor or our friendly receptionists.

The Medicare Safety Net also provides assistance when you have reached the threshold. More information is available here: (Please click me!)

ConsultationMonday -Friday
8.30am – 5pm
Saturdays/AfterhoursDVA Gold Card holders Children <16 years & aged pensioners
(standard fee excluding Saturday appointments)
Standard (15 minutes)$87
(Medicare rebate $39.75)
(Medicare rebate $39.75)
Bulk billed$77
(Medicare rebate $39.75)
Long (30 minutes)$174
(Medicare rebate $76.95)
(Medicare rebate $76.95)
Bulk billed$164
(Medicare rebate $76.95)
(up to 45 minutes)

(Medicare rebate $113.30)
(Medicare rebate $113.30)
Bulk billed$251
(Medicare rebate $113.30)

All consultations on Saturdays will incur a full fee to offset higher staffing costs.

If you are attending with your newborn baby, please apply early for your new Medicare card. Consultations attended without a valid Medicare card will incur the discounted consultation fee.  We ask that this fee is paid on the day of consultation.  You may then claim your rebate via Medicare once you have your valid Medicare card.

National Immunisation Program & Private Vaccinations

Pear Tree provides childhood vaccinations and private vaccinations as a nurse led immunisation service. These appointments will incur a $38.50 non-Medicare Rebateable fee. Our registered nurses, Bridget King and Denise Robinson, have additional training in vaccination and are highly skilled vaccination providers.  At your appointment Bridget or Denise will complete an age-appropriate growth check and developmental screen.  Any issues identified will be referred to our doctors in a timely manner.


Any procedure such as skin excisions, Mirena/Kyleena/Copper IUD insertion, Implanon insertion/removal, wound dressings and iron infusions will incur an additional out of pocket fee to cover consumables. Please speak to our doctors or receptionists to provide an accurate estimate of costs.

Return to Work (Work Cover) consultations

The appointments will be charged at the gazetted rates, and we ask that accounts are paid in full on the day of consultation.  You may then claim reimbursement via your Return to Work Coordinator.

Medicare Rebate Information

The patient rebate from Medicare was frozen from 2014 until 2018 and the most recent increase was below the consumer price index.  This widening gap is explained in the following link from the Australian Medical Association   The costs of running our private business continue to rise, and your patient Medicare Rebate now represents about half of the full cost of your GP care.  The bulk-billing incentive amount has been reduced for patients in the Glenelg area for children and aged pensioners.  We would encourage you to discuss any concerns you have about your Medicare Rebate with your Federal Member of Parliament.